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You have probably heard of myopia or nearsightedness before, but you may not be sure what it really means. Well, that’s what we’re here for right now. At our Puerto Rico LASIK center, we treat a lot of patients who are dealing with issues related to myopia as well as other sorts of refractive errors. These are common and generally pretty easy to treat. Below we’re going to discuss the basics of myopia and what we do to help patients seen clearly.

Myopia is a condition in which it is difficult to see objects that are far away. Reading is generally easy, though severely nearsighted people may need to hold books very close to their faces in order to read. Myopia occurs when a corneal curvature defect leads to light falling short of the retina at the back of the eye. In many cases, myopia is accompanied by astigmatism, which is another refractive error that can cause blurriness of the vision.

There are plenty of ways that ophthalmologists and refractive surgeons can deal with myopia. One method to consider is getting corrective lenses, such as prescription glasses or prescription contact lenses. These have been reliable solutions for the treatment of refractive errors for years now.

If you would rather do without glasses or contact lenses, a fine option to consider is getting refractive surgery. Refractive surgery describes various kinds of surgeries that alter the curvature of the cornea in order to ensure that light is properly focused on the retina. One of the most popular refractive surgery options is LASIK, which involves the use of a laser to revise the shape of the cornea. Since not all people are good candidate for LASIK, alternatives such as Puerto Rico PRK and LASEK are available as well, both of which yield similar results as LASIK.

If you would like to learn more about treating myopia as well as other eye health needs, be sure to contact our laser vision correction center in the Virgin Islands.

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