Multifocal IOLs:   Experience Life without Contacts or Glasses 

The National Eye Institute reports that by age 80, nearly half of all Americans have cataracts, or have had cataract surgery. While an up-to-date glasses prescription and other measures can help you maintain focus in the early stages of cataracts, surgery is the only permanent solution. Fortunately, laser cataract surgery by Drs. Byron and Keri Biscoe not only eliminates this common vision obstruction, but can also minimize your need for corrective eyewear.

ReSTOR® multifocal IOLs (intraocular lenses) placed at our offices in St. Croix and St. Thomas, USVI, allow you to focus at a range of distances without glasses. In fact, we are the only practice in the Virgin Islands offering this solution. During a consultation, we can help you determine if this advanced technology is the best way to help you experience a new chapter of visual clarity in your life.

ReSTOR® multifocal IOL
ReSTOR multifocal IOLs provide near, far, and intermediate focus.

How They Work

Cataract surgery is a process of removing a clouded crystalline lens and replacing it with an IOL, or synthetic lens. Traditionally, IOLs improve focus at just one distance - either near or far - and patients continue to rely fairly heavily on glasses. Multifocal IOLs function similarly to lenses used in bifocal glasses, which provide focus at two distances. However, multifocal IOLs feature several "steps," each providing focus at a different distance. While some multifocal IOL recipients may still require glasses for tasks such as reading fine print, you can generally expect to drive, read menus, enjoy a beautiful sunset, and watch television without the need for glasses.

If you are suffering from cataracts or presbyopia, a multifocal IOL can help you see your world in beautiful clarity with a minimized need for corrective eyewear.


The unique capabilities of the ReSTOR multifocal IOL can benefit not only those suffering from late-stage cataracts, but also those in the early stages of cataract development suffering from presbyopia, or age-related farsightedness. Presbyopia usually begins to affect those age 40 and older as a result of the natural lens losing flexibility. During a consultation, your doctor can determine if this solution is right for you.

Candidates should understand that although a multifocal IOL can provide significant freedom from glasses, it cannot restore the same degree of focus you enjoyed in your 20s. It is also important to understand that while insurance plans commonly contribute to the cost of cataract surgery and monofocal IOLs, they rarely contribute to the cost of multifocal IOLs. Our staff is happy to work with you to determine a way to make this life-changing solution a fit for your budget.

Clarity, Focus, and Freedom are within Your Reach

Your vision is an invaluable asset, and the compassionate staff at the Laser Vision Institute of the Virgin Islands is focused on helping patients experience a better quality of life through advanced vision care. If you are suffering from cataracts or presbyopia, a multifocal IOL can help you see your world in beautiful clarity with a minimized need for corrective eyewear. To find out if multifocal IOLs are right for you, please request a consultation online or call us at (340) 774-3003.

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