Woman administering drops into her eyes

Eye Drops

Allergies, dryness, and ocular pressure can leave your eyes itchy and watery enough to undermine your vision.

Over-the-counter and prescription eye drops can provide relief from these uncomfortable symptoms and improve your sight.

So what exactly can eye drops do for me?

Woman administering drops into her eyes

Eye Drops are a Mild Yet Effective Solution for Many Conditions

Pain Relief & Healing

By acting as artificial tears, eye drops can flush out irritants and soothe the eyes. In cases of injury, prescription eye drops can often speed up healing.

Treatment for Infection

Prescription eye drops are a popular method for administering treatment for conditions such as ocular herpes or bacterial conjunctivitis.

Easy, Non-Surgical Treatment

While some patients are uncomfortable with putting anything in their eyes, drops provide a fast and nonsurgical solution for many conditions, including conjunctivitis and dry eye syndrome. Once you are used to the eye drops, administration is straightforward and easily managed.

Eye Drops are a Trusted Treatment Option

Eye drops are a trusted treatment option for many conditions. In fact, eye drops are often the first stage of treatment for ocular conditions such as glaucoma. In one study, 98.6 percent of patients with bacterial conjunctivitis were successfully treated in just a few days with antibiotic eye drops.

*According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

But Don't Eye Drops Add-Up Over Time?

While basic over-the-counter eye drops can start as low as $1, special prescriptions can run from $30 to $300. Your treatment cost will depend on the severity of your condition, the types of eye drop required, and how frequently you need to use them. 

There are a number of ways you can minimize expenses. Selecting a generic alternative can reduce your expenses. Some companies will also offer rebates and other discounts depending on your financial circumstances. Additionally, it is important to note that many patients go through their prescriptions faster than necessary, due to accidental waste. By ensuring that you are administering them properly, you can save money in the long-run.

Properly Administering Eye Drops

8 - Wash Hands - (Outline)Created with Sketch.

Wash Your Hands

It is important to always wash your hands first.

Get into Position

Tilt your head back, gently pull down the lower lid, and look up.

Squeeze the Dropper

Squeeze the dropper directly over the eye to ensure drops do not land on your face. Do not touch your eyeball or lid with the dropper as it can cause contamination.

Close Your Eyes

Allow the eye drops to properly coat the eye by closing your eyes for two to three minutes. Tilting your head down and applying pressure to the tear ducts at the inner corners of your eyes can ensure proper distribution.

Contact Your Doctor

For many patients, eye drops can efficiently resolve or manage your condition. However, if you are not seeing improvement in conditions such as pink eye, dry eye, or glaucoma, you may need to speak with your doctor about other options. You may simply need another type of drop or you may require alternative medication or surgery. Your doctor can guide you to the best treatment for your needs.

Over-the-counter eye drops can effectively address issues like dry eye and allergies. However, if you are experiencing ongoing pain, contact your doctor to find out if you need a prescription medication.

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